Simple words like screwdriver or tremolo-hammer or dogwrench.

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The local supermarket is really good, they always have special offers. Last week they had a row of human beings for sale. They were left over when the other branch of the supermarket had to close, end of lease.

I thought about buying the strong young man in the middle to help carry the big machines that I repair; but I did not have a cupboard big enough for him. I took the girl at the end of the row, because she looked nice. I did not put her in my shopping cart, no, she pushed the cart.

When I got her home, I had a really good look at her, she looked even better when I sat her on the sofa and she smelled nice. However she couldn't cook. I showed her how to make an omelette with the hope that she would learn. I prepared my best cupboard for her to sleep in.

The next day I took her with me to one of the customers. She sat on the machine, it was a Torkle-DEE. She really looked good. I repaired the machine and she watched. It was a good day.

After a few weeks she had learnt to cook, which was good. I gave her the name Enda because she had been on the end of the row. Enda slept with me in the same cupboard after the first night, not only did she smell good but she was also nice and warm.

But best of all was Enda on a machine. The machines are beautiful and a wonder to use, quite delightful; but with Enda on top they look so splendid. That really helped me when I was repairing the machines; and the customers noticed too.

One morning Enda was sitting on a Joggle machine when I accidentally turned it on. For two whole seconds Enda expanded to twice her size. Wow! Was she happy! I let the machine run. Oh, the joy on her face.

The Torkle Corporation pay me well, but I certainly don't earn enough to buy a Torkle machine. I would really like to have one, but, sigh! I don't have the cash. The customers are always good to me, they let me use their machines sometimes. It is the dream of my life to own one though.

But when I saw Enda on the Joggle machine something large, maybe the size of a washing machine, turned over inside me. I knew that I had to get a Torkle machine, but how?

One of the customers offered me money for Enda, so much an hour if she would just sit on their machine. This was a good idea. Enda was very much in demand, she was soon sitting on all the Torkle machines in the country and I was able to take out a loan to buy a Joggle.

I couldn't afford to have the usual big party; but the Torkle Corp. said that a party was absolutely necessary and paid for the party. All the customers came, we had a great time, Enda was so happy.

Soon after the Torkle Corp. awarded Enda the title “Torkle-Girl of the Year”. I was so proud for her. In fact Enda was the Torkle-Girl for every year for the next five years. There have been other Torkle-Girls since, but you know who I think is the best. Every year there was a big photo session and Enda had to sit on all the different Torkle models and smile.

Now, get this right! These were not glamour photos, no long legs, no swim suits or even less. No, in the pictures was Enda in normal but nice clothes sitting on a Torkle machine. But they did wonders for the sales of Torkle machines and I was able to pay off the loan on the Joggle machine early.

After a year Enda started to speak, just two or three words a day, simple words like screwdriver or tremolo-hammer or dogwrench. One day while I was adjusting a model DEE, I had to concentrate, Enda jumped off the machine and looked at the old Extended Expanding machine in the corner.

I have only once ever repaired one of these machines, the DEE model is the newer design and most customers have bought a DEE or two. Enda cleaned it and repaired it and gave it a test run. Was I surprised!

Enda was obviously a much better repairer that I was. She repaired the machines and I sat on them. However I absolutely refused to be “Torkle-Boy of the Year”. Enda soon became the best repairer the Torkle Corp. had.

I always thought that you have to talk and sing to a Torkle machine to keep it happy; but most important is touch and that is what Enda had. Oh, the machines were so happy when Enda came. She said nothing, nothing at all, but what she did with her hands made the machines cry with joy.

Enda became, of course, “Torkle-Engineer of the Year” and the Chief Trainer for Torkle technicians. Enda could teach just with her fingers, sometimes she spoke a few words, but it was not necessary. Several of the technicians she taught are blind, but who needs to see or speak if you have the right touch.

A friend of mine suggested that I should have children, perhaps Enda could help. I tried with Enda for weeks, I enjoyed it and I think that Enda did too. But no children.

After several months Enda was ill and I took her to the doctor. He said that she would have a little girl. I was proud for her, even more than when she first became “Torkle-Girl of the Year”. I looked at Enda and realised that she wanted to have more children, a lot of work for me.

Yes, it was a big change, I did all the cooking and cleaning and looking after the house and the younger children. I took the children to school and picked them up and helped them with their homework. Enda always took the youngest, the baby, to a customer and mended the Torkle machine and sat on it and fed the baby.

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