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Where all the stories are in the Story Kettle

Welcome to the Story Kettle! Stories to make you laugh, stories to make you cry, more than 1000 short stories.
Brass Brasslans is an odd village. A bitch of a girl. And don't forget Mrs Tinge and Nottingham. Is it strange to ask Who am I?

Lots of Betty stories at Betty and the Carnival Sequence and Betty on the rampage and Betty on tour and the cat
Bulge All about bulges and the cat and quaint stories and the Friday and Saturday stories
Dotdismal The girl in white and dotty stories and vertex stories and the Sandhurst sequence and Amy stories and don't forget 9gals!
ebook In 2012 I started my ebook project. When I started to write I wanted to write stories with humour, but many of my stories turned themselves into love stories. An ebook of love stories – why not?
Frau Alpert Frau Alpert and Betty and Jack and Bob and Lampshade and Steffie are waiting for you
Headland The House on the Headland is a long story in small parts and fly ash is the first of several idiotic stories and 2 much stories and Betty on tour
Jennffer Jennffer goes to school for the first time, red wash is a crime story and of course the ODD stories and don't forget granny
Men Colin and his life, Cuthbert and his harem, the Curate and his Primrose, Toby and Julie and the story of Fay and don't forget Mrs Happy and Miss Davis and Miss Jones
Otter stories are OTTer than others, b stories and D&C stories and clone and power and don't forget the seven legs of lamb
PAIN PAIN of the second sort lasts longer, maybe years or decades
Partly German Another collection of short and very short stories and sister stories
Shorts A collection of short and very short stories, good reads
Torkle You don't know about the half per cent; they use Torkle machines. And you don't know what a Torkle machine is. Beware of the half per cent!
Treacle Nurse stories, children's stories written for adults, sweet little 13, but without much treacle, but with much bottom
Deutlich Deutsch Hier sind alle die deutschen Geschichten gelistet  Deutch       die anderen Geschichten und die Schmerzgeschichten und die Rübensirupgeschichten

Welcome to the Story Kettle! Stories to make you laugh, stories to make you cry, more than 1000 for you — short stories and crazy stories and DIY stories and love stories and German stories and humorous stories and absurd stories and odd stories and unordinary stories and sister stories and Xmas stories and jokes and offcuts and recipes and good reads and bits of my life all by Michael M Wayman.

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Worse Worse and worse – stories and verse – the hard stuff