Jack on the Stairs

I made a mental note to change my working style.

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Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

It was time to go. I have been the last to leave the office, for several weeks now. I made a mental note to change my working style, to delegate more and leave earlier. I walked down the stairs. Young Jack was sitting on the bottom step.

I walked down to him and said “Hello Jack! You have been waiting for me.” He looked at me. I sat on his lap with the end of my nose a centimetre from the end of his.

“Jack,” I asked, “have I got the same colour hair as your mother?” He nodded. “Jack, have I got the same colour eyes as your mother?” He nodded again. “Jack, have I got the same number of legs as your mother?” He looked away.

“Listen to me Jack! I could, if I wanted to, pick you up, put you in my handbag and take you home with me, and have my fun with you; and, if I wanted, let you enjoy it too.” Pause.

“But NO Jack! You will go out and ask a girl of your own age. The second girl will spit in your face, the fourth one will laugh in your face, and the sixth will do something worse – she will ignore you. But you will find the one you are looking for.” Pause.

“Good night Jack!” I stood up and left.

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