ravioli has it

He got more tin cans, which he welded on the end to increase the gain.

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He liked ravioli, he ate ravioli often, but not more than twice a day.

Soon he had enough empty ravioli tin cans, cleaned and without tops and bottoms. He welded them together to make a long pipe. No! It wasn't for a home-made organ or a central aiming target of a cat confuser.

He set it up in the garden, the computer control unit that he had already made, went in one end, it was powered by a car battery. It took weeks to get it right, lots of adjustments, new electronics.

burnt-out starter stage

Many of the early tests were failures, many burnt out. He had made mistakes, he learnt, he did not give up.

During this time he got more tin cans, which he welded on the end to increase the gain. Don't read those silly emails, if you want extra length: Eat ravioli!

Finally it was ready, it worked nine times out of ten, he knew that he should have gold-plated the tin cans, but he did not have the money. It was the prototype – others would refine the idea and manufacture it.

It was time to show it to the public, he carried it to the town square and set it up. This took time. A large crowd formed. They were amazed.

A woman came out of the crowd and asked him questions, very good questions. She offered to help him operate it. She was good. He thought of new ways to improve the control software for two or more persons.

She helped him carry it back home. Eating ravioli leads to more fun in your life.

ravioli tin cans – failed prototype number 2

You may wonder why only pictures of failed prototypes are shown. Pictures of the first public demonstration are currently not available because of pending patents.

In the picture above can be seen a burnt-out starter stage (left). The main drive manifold (disconnected bottom left) was capable of driving only nine stages. The main barrel was far too short with only two acceleration stages (blue bulges) and one insulation stage (black) and was severely damaged. The undriven prescalar front tube (right of manifold) lay unused on the ground. A lot more work and a lot more tin cans were needed.

ravioli tin cans – failed prototype number 3

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