D&C and Miss Cavendish

Apply tender loving care in large quantities!

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

The next morning we knocked on her door, it was Saturday.

Oh, do come in! I have so many questions to ask you.

We will go for a long walk and tell you everything that you need to know. But first breakfast!

Miss Cavendish made us a nice breakfast – she was very pleased to see us. We explained about the books from the school library, about the sudden need to learn some natural history, about the long walk across the heath and through the woods. Yes, it will take all day.

Miss Cavendish, we are not interested in natural history and nor are you. This is the truth. However, everybody else in the school will get the idea that you are helping us with natural history – we will learn some natural history today.

Miss Cavendish, you need a lot of tender loving care. We are going to give you as much tlc this weekend as we can. We are going to stop from time to time and give you large doses.

After half an hour we stopped and I sat on a log.

Miss Cavendish, come and sit on my lap – tlc.

Miss Cavendish, it may seem strange that us two girls are telling you, a teacher, what to do. We are not doing this for fun. You need it. Doreen and I hope that what we are doing to you will help you. We like being with you. We want to help you.

After another half an hour we stopped and Doreen sat on a log.

Miss Cavendish, come and sit on my lap – tlc.

We walked on, we gave Miss Cavendish as much as we could, she was happy, or she was until we reached the middle of the woods. It was dark and damp and a bit dismal in the middle of the woods. Suddenly Miss Cavendish ran away.

Doreen and I walked slowly out of the woods and found Miss Cavendish standing by a lone tree crying.

Doreen and I sandwiched her between us.

Miss Cavendish, it is true that Doreen and I are much bigger than you. It is true that we could do anything we like with you. It is true that we could hurt you.

Doreen and I are going to do what we like with you, all sorts of things, some things that you don't yet know about. But we are not going to hurt you. Why should we? We like you. We are holding you tight. If you want to cry, then cry. Cry because you are happy, if you like. We like you. We like you very much.

After some time, Miss Cavendish stopped crying.

Miss Cavendish, it is getting late. We will walk back and have dinner at the school. We will go to your room and wait until it is dark.

We told her what we were going to do to her that evening, we told her again in great detail. She was happy.

We waited until it was dark. We took our time. It was after midnight that we fell asleep on Miss Cavendish.