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You are as old as the woman you feel.

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

When he was asked how old he was, he said, you are as old as the woman you feel. He added, I must be well over 150.

But that morning the two old ladies were not at home and he was experimenting with canned peaches. Not peach slices, but peach halves in their own juice. He was not yet perfect with the peaches, the old ladies had complained and left him to the peaches. It was not so simple, he wanted to get it right, the two old ladies deserved the best and it was his job to give it to them.

But no, the two old ladies came home before he could get it right. And weren't they upset.

You didn't take so long with the ravioli. What are you doing wrong?

I'm doing my best. I always do my best for you.

The truth was that he did not know what to do with the peaches. He did not have a clue and I don't either. I started this story some time ago. How does it continue? What the hell does the title mean?

He knew and I know what you do with ravioli – simple really. Place the ravioli on the old ladies – but in the right places and very slowly. Then remove the ravioli with your teeth. The two old ladies liked that, especially in the dark.

Well! That's as maybe. We want action now. And with the peaches! Right now!

He turned off the light and reached for the peaches. Somehow nothing went right (just like my story) and he mixed up the peaches with the ravioli and the mangoes. But the two old ladies did not complain, perhaps they liked it.

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