Are you sure that you want the power? Real sure?

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

I have the power. You have to be fit to use the power. It always takes something out of you when you use it. It leaves a big hole in you that has to be filled, immediately.

I didn't want it and I still don't want it, but I have the power.

Last time was, like usual, a monster at the door. I don't like monsters but this one wasn't too bad. It would just eat the furniture and be a big trouble. But I had to get rid of it, because I have the power.

I went to the door and opened it. There was the monster, painted to look like an electrician, it had a screwdriver in its hand. I say hand, it was a bit of the monster that was thin and moved about.

I am an electrician. I must come in and fix your electrics before they explode.

None of the usual monsters are very clever, but this one was tougher than I thought. I tried a little power to remove it from the surface of the planet. The power came straight back at me and I found myself in the next town. It took me an hour to walk back again.

I warned it, but no, I had to use the full power. Oh, how I hate this.

It worked of course. The full theatrics of course. You know what happens, the sky goes black, thunder and lightening, the street lights go on and off and bow to each other, buses stop, choirs get out and tap dance on the street, the paving stones stand on end and sing, and so on. I hate this too.

A big hole appears under the monster or where the monster was. The monster is always long gone by then. Where to I don't know – what do I care?

I had the big hole in me and it had to be filled fast. With sex or food or concrete. But it is always bad. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! It is always disgusting. What I once saw my body do to a telephone answering machine I cannot repeat here. Also, don't eat mobile telephones! Ditto trees!

Close one eye, put your fist up to your other eye and read the rest one word or one letter at a time. This time it was really awful, really disgusting. Sit down and grab hold of your seat. This time it was tea and biscuits.

I had luck with the biscuits. I had time to remove the packing from the biscuits before they were forced into my stomach. I had no luck with the tea. I had to eat the cardboard boxes of tea bags. There are no words for this. The cardboard and the tea leaves stuck between my teeth.

The three most disgusting words in the English language must be tea and biscuits.

One of the girls helped me floss my teeth, but the smell and the taste of the tea is going to be in and around me for days. This was no trouble for the girl, perhaps she had a tea fetish.

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