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My old magnetron.

My old magnetron.

I spend most of my time in your kitchen, where I sometimes get very hot. I'm very dangerous and I live in a steel cage – don't get too close. I'm a radio transmitter on 2.45 GigaHertz and I excite little atoms.

My old oxygen mask.

My old oxygen mask hanging in the bathroom. See Gas Masks – a game.

My loudhailer.

My loudhailer.

My coloured pole.

My coloured pole in the front garden.

As seen in a pub in the Twiete in Uelzen.

As seen in a pub in the Twiete in Uelzen.

Emergency box.

Every office needs this emergency box on the wall.

heating radiator

Well, this is dainty! I mean like small.
The tiles are just, well, too wonderful for words.


As seen on a street in Uelzen.


Bauschaum is a monster that created itself. It oozed out of a can of construction foam and coloured itself with spray paint.

necklace tree

Hang them high!