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spice jars

Three little, glass spice jars.

egg cosies

Knitted egg cosies.

fondue forks

Fondue forks.

fondue nets

Fondue nets.

wooden spoons

Wooden spoons – which are the Swiss ones?

egg scissors, pie funnel and spurtle

Egg scissors, pie funnel and spurtle – the pie funnel supports the pastry on a deep pie and also serves to funnel steam through a hole in the pastry – the spurtle has a decorated end resembling a Scottish thistle and is used to stir porridge etc.

egg scissors and egg

I dunno, perhaps I was ham-fisted or kack-handed or just plain old clumsy or perhaps it is screw-up Sunday; but I've never seen that before. It just collapsed, luckily I had boiled a second egg for a salad later on.

red London bus

Red London bus – a tin of tea bags.

basting tools

how to baste Use a kitchen brush to paint the juices (fat etc.) from the pan all over the potatoes and on top of the bird. The brushes with the wobbly coloured silicone frilly bits are the best. For smaller (dry) birds you can place a rasher or two of bacon on top of the bird. For bigger birds a baster is good to remove unneeded juices (and prevent a fire) and to baste the bird. A baster is a big glass pipette.