Julie and no job

I have Toby's expense account.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

Maybe I love him too much.

No, I don't have a job, I have Toby's expense account, I am Toby's minder, I do almost everything for Toby.

The very first thing we did together was to go to a bank and get me credit cards for his expense account. I pay for everything from his expense account.

Toby doesn't have a job either, just an expense account.

I expected him to have a large fancy house in the country, a beautiful wife, children and at least two dogs. No, none of these. He lives in hotels, very good hotels, normally in a suite. I have a room in the same hotel.

I read letters, articles and technical papers to him. We discuss mathematical modelling. I read the menu in the restaurant to him. I look after him. I am his minder.

All he owns is a few suits, very well made ones, and a financial company.

And the suits he doesn't keep long:

I'm fed up with this place, Julie. Give all my clothes to a charity, pay the hotel bill, buy a car, we're going on holiday.

When we get there, phone my tailor in London and tell him to send some clothes express.

We stopped to look at the view and walk about. It was then that I lost him.

Maybe I love him too much.