Men stories

from the Story Kettle

Meet Colin! Meet Cuthbert! Meet the Curate! Toby will meet you!

The only difference between men and boys
is the size of their hats and the price of their toys.

the story of Fay is only for men strong of heart. In English and German. Fay auf einer Seite  Deutch

door-to-door with Colin – A ten-part story of adolescence struggling with a guardian angel. A nine-year-old boy meets Notty, a nine-year-old girl who becomes part of his life, whether he wants it or not. Colin learns to set his own goals in life, discovers what you can really do with girls, becomes a man and discovers who Notty really is. A multi-part story beginning here.

second life with Colin – Colin is a young man now and is waiting to start his adult life, another ten-part story.

Be a man about it! Colin in his adult life.

Colin and Shine-Ba tried all they could, but without success.
If it were said that I wrote children's stories for adults I would not be unhappy.
Colin and Shine-Ba lived happily ever after.

Cuthbert and his harem – Every man needs a hobby. Cuthbert decided to start a harem, a collection of women between sixteen and sixty. Best read in sequence. A multi-part story starting here. These stories have been awarded the Muthers Onion Seal of Disapproval.

The Curate – I'm very new and very young; I'm the Curate; here for a couple of years and very much the junior priest. I'm engaged to Primrose who teaches music in a local school.

Toby in shorts Toby can't read or write, but there is something special about him. Julie can read and write and is very special. Start here.

Meet Colin! Meet Cuthbert! Meet the Curate!