I'm leaving.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

I'm leaving. I didn't say goodbye to any of them, except Dad. I'm leaving.

I've got all the pieces of paper that I need. I'm young and ready to start life. I'm not running away. It's just that I have to leave some things behind. When I say things, I mean people, I mean relationships, those relationships have to end now.

I'm leaving.

I'm not changing my name. I'm leaving, but where to I don't know yet. I've got a bit of money, my qualifications and no ideas.

I'm leaving.

Dad knew already. He said that he was not surprised and that it was the best thing that I could do. He knew more than I did, but he didn't want to tell me anything more. He said that he would like me to come back some day.

I took the bus to the big town, North City, and walked about. I slept in the parks and used little money.

I took a bus to the airport and bought a very cheap ticket to somewhere far away. Where you ask? No answer! After an hour the pilot said that there was a problem and flew back to North City.

I wandered out of the airport and found myself at the start of the toll road going south, the Great South Road. I hitched a ride all the way to the centre of South City.

I slept on the beach, it was warmer here. What should I do? Get a job?

Oh, look what the tide has brought in! she said loudly to wake me one morning.

Oh, hello! Good morning! Won't don't you take a seat next to me in my wonderful palace made of sand. I was annoyed, what a way to wake someone.

No, she said, sitting on the beach is like sitting in a flower bed. You seem to be intelligent. Come with me and I'll get you a cup of coffee!

She didn't take me to a café, no, to a bungalow on the edge of the beach. She made coffee with real coffee beans, I hadn't seen that before.

Oh, you come from up north, I can tell from your accent. They don't make good coffee up there.

I told her that my name was Colin and that I was looking for a job.

She took me to another room in the house, there was a large heating machine that in those days was called a computer, there was Hank.

Hank will show you everything, just trust Hank.

Grab a seat! Can you do software?

I told Hank that, although I did engineering at college, I had done all the programming courses.

He told me to forget everything that I had learnt and listen to him. And so I did.