Cuthbert in the middle

The characters in the story of Cuthbert.

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There is only one man in here, in the middle.

Honey-Bunch is young and lively. She is always with Mrs G.

Mrs G says nothing, but she is very kind. She cannot escape from Honey-Bunch, but she never tries.

Undis wears underwear.

Josephine is extremely shy. Some people believe that she is a man. She plays the tuba.

Mrs Happy is always grumpy. She does the ironing.

Annabelle is a friend of Cuthbert. She has her own harem of men. Cuthbert sometimes shares his harem with her. She likes Cuthbert and his Harem.

Felicity is a very big girl.

Verity is truly sweet.

Patricia is pretty and good by daylight.

Ursula is super and good by nightlight.

Wilma has very long legs which look good in tan-coloured stockings with seams; she also looks good without them.

Cuthbert is in the middle of the girls, he is surrounded by girls. If he wasn't he wouldn't exist, he wouldn't even be called Cuthbert.

Georgina wears a hat.

Juicy Jennifer is into very strange things, which Cuthbert also likes.

Miss Davis is a gentle old lady. She likes to wear steel underwear. She is always with Miss Jones. She is a violent, homicidal thug.

Miss Jones is a gentle old lady. She likes to wear steel-reinforced underwear. She is always with Miss Davis, always. She is a violent, homicidal thug.

Fay makes me cry when I think about her.

Angela is often with Angela. She is on duty when Miss Davis and Miss Jones are unavailable (drunk or in jail).

Angela is often with Angela.

angla is Fay's name for Angela.

cuffie is Fay's name for Cuthbert.

The Bishop is another friend of Cuthbert. She tries to sell Cuthbert morals, but he isn't buying.

Cillophine is a very small and delicate young lady.

Mrs Tups is very small and shy, she is a socwok, but she listens to everyone.

Trallene is covered in cuts and bruises, she says nothing.

Katrina Koolboks Her jewellery looked like an airport at night, glinting in all different colours.