Angela is unhappy

There is something magic.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

I could see that something was wrong, so I picked up Mrs G and put her right next to Angela.

I sat on the other side of Angela and we sat there, the three of us, for the next four hours. We said nothing. There is something magic between Mrs G and me. And Angela was right between us, so she got all of it. She needed it, she was so unhappy.

After an hour or two Angela took a packet of tablets out of her pocket. I took the packet and put it in my pocket. Mrs G took Angela's hands and put them between her hands. Took and put!

I carried Angela to bed, Mrs G and I wrapped ourselves round Angela and we slept peacefully. Hopefully the magic was working.

In the morning Cuthbert came and gave the three of us what we needed. Cuthbert is so wonderful, we all love him.

The three of us wrapped ourselves round Angela and poured as much as we could into her.

I realised what the problem was. Angela had left the harem and had gone back to her husband. Angela without Angela was of course very unhappy – what would I be without Mrs G?

Suddenly Mrs G took Angela and put her arms very tightly round her, very tight. And said “Angela! You are not alone!”