Jennifer has it

Go to the playroom.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

Jennifer has everything. If you want something new, for yourself or to use with the other girls or with Cuthbert then go to Jennifer.

She has everything you could think of, and a lot more of things you would never think of. Everything to make you happy. Jennifer is always happy.

So you want one that is battery driven, extra large and in see-through green. Then go to the playroom and ask Jennifer. She's probably got one. And if not, she will order one online and you will get it tomorrow.

But why wait? She has one in blue that is just as good – it also glows in the dark and has a remote control.

She will show you how to use it, even if it takes hours, especially if it takes hours. She will even whisper in your ear exactly what Cuthbert likes.

So if you want a new battery for your thing go to Jennifer. Or if you want a new thing, Jennifer has it, in every colour and size, be it small, medium, large or painful.

Just one thing though – her name is Jennifer. You can call her Jennifer or Juicy Jennifer if you like; but never ever Jenny. Just don't!