They keep me entertained.

StoryKettle » Cuthbert » useless

Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

One of the girls is useless, almost.

Some of the girls are really good cooks, they like to feed me nice things, nice and healthy things. Some of the girls can sing or dance or play musical instruments or all three, they keep me entertained. Some of the girls keep the house in order, wash and iron the clothes.

The girls do everything possible to keep me healthy and happy; the girls are so healthy and happy. Every girl is good at something and I try to be good to all of them.

No, I won't name her, but she can't cook, she can't sing or dance, she can't do anything round the house, she isn't ugly, but let's say very plain. She never asks for my special skills; I have tried several times to make her happy but it doesn't work.

Well, you ask, what use is a girl like this in a harem? What use is she in my harem?

I like to sleep with her.

Sleep with her! You ask very much surprised. Is she not useless at that too? Didn't I just said so.

No, no! You are not listening to what I say.

I like to get into bed with her, put my arms around her, she is so nice and warm, she feels good, she smells nice. We go to sleep and dream sweet dreams.

In the morning I wake, I am still wrapped around her, she is so nice and warm, she feels good, she smells nice. I wake her and kiss her on the end of her nose.

That's all!