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I think they're pansies.

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I was being rough with him, I always does, that's the way I like it. I shouldn't do it, it's wrong, the police would lock me up if they knew about it; but I like it. No one can stop me, I just pick him up and throw him down somewhere soft and then I'm brutal with 'im.

He says he likes it, but Cuthbert will tell me any old rubbish to keep me happy, which he does. I s'pose I don't care, I do anything I like with him, most days too.

I leaned forwards and he disappeared into my cleavage, I couldn't see him any more, but I could still feel him breathing, so I kept at it. After half an hour or so – I like to take my time – he looked up at me, he smiled and said one word “Tinge!”

Just because she had seen so many matron-like, middle-aged ladies before was not any reason to not do a full investigation. Mrs Tinge had fitted many women with short legs, big behinds, Christmas-tree backs, and pendulous lovelies – women who were basically tub-shaped.

Angela and Angela had taken Mrs Happy to that shop in the High Street, the outfitters for ladies' apparel; Mrs Happy needed support and Mrs Tinge was the person to supply the right support.

Angela and Angela knew that you could trust Mrs Tinge, they knew that Mrs Tinge took a very hands-on approach to fitting underwear and that she needed much time to do that. Some women found Mrs Tinge's fumbling embarrassing, others enjoyed it; but every woman knew that it was necessary, Mrs Tinge always knew the right fit.

“Yes,” said Mrs Tinge, “we're ready for the first try. But first a question. How active is Mrs Happy?” Angela said that Mrs Happy did the ironing and Angela said that Mrs Happy was very active with Cuthbert. “Alright then, no full-body corset. What colour? White or flesh or...” Angela said “pink and padded” and Angela said “with little flowers.”

“Here we are,” said Mrs Tinge, “a laced girdle with suspenders for the stockings and a long-line bra with extra support for the lovelies with double straps; both pink and padded and with little flowers; I think they're pansies.”

“Oh!” said Angela, “Mrs Happy, you look a different person.” and Angela said “Very good, Mrs Happy.” Mrs Tinge said to Mrs Happy “Turn yourself a bit to your right and look at yourself sideways in the mirror. Does that look good?”

Mrs Happy certainly looked good, a much better figure, just as many bumps and bulges and love-handles as before, but in the right places. Mrs Happy stood upright and appeared to be taller.

“We haven't finished yet.” Another hour later “Yes, I think that's it.” said Mrs Tinge, “And I need to see all Cuthbert's ladies to fit them and Cuthbert too.”

I wear a white blouse, a black, pleated skirt and seamed stockings, 'cus I want to. Angela and Angela insist that I wear elasticated knickers and this funny thing that keeps my titties up.

But yesterday Angela and Angela said that I needed more support, whatever that meant. Cuthbert had said so, he also said Tinge. I did not understand, I must be stupid, but I'm not that stupid, I do what Angela and Angela and Cuthbert tell me to do.

Angela and Angela took me to a funny shop in the big town, there was Mrs Tinge, I had to take all my clothes off, and Mrs Tinge fumbled me all over for a long time.

If Angela and Angela can fumble me then so can Mrs Tinge; besides she was very kind and gentle and had warm hands; I enjoyed it.

However, big surprise, Mrs Tinge insisted that I tried on some huge pink things. One big thing for my titties and another around my bot. She adjusted them for ages and then told me to look in the mirror. Another big surprise, did I look good, oh yes. Angela and Angela said so too, Mrs Tinge just smiled.

I keep looking at myself in the mirror, especially sideways, a real good shape, I really like it. I learned two new words: girdle and bra. What's more, they're mine, just to keep me in the right shape.

I picked up Cuthbert and threw him on the sofa. He looked at me, smiled and said “Tinge!” I didn't take off my new things, I got to work, heavy work, on Cuthbert. Big surprise, he didn't disappear under my love-handles and and and he smiled all the time. Perhaps he really likes what I do to him.

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