Jennffer and the secret palace

Broken school desks stacked up.

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Copyright © 2010, Michael M Wayman

We walked up the grand staircase, the next stairs were also big and carpeted, the third rather ordinary and the fourth narrow, steep and shabby. At the top the ceiling was sloping, there were my trunk and my things.

Miss Scunthorpe took a key and opened the door to another world, a big wall of old and broken school desks stacked up to the high ceiling. There was a gap at the left end of the wall. Another wall of old school furniture and a gap at the right end.

“Jennffer! Welcome to my little home!” There was a big desk, a table, chairs and old bookcases full of books. The corner of the sofa was supported by an old paint can. The big long coffee table had a door handle. Everything was old, worn and very cosy.

“This is my living room and study. No! That is wrong. Our living room, Jennffer! Everything here is yours too.”

I kissed Miss Scunthorpe. I said nothing.

“Over there is the bathroom and a little kitchen, behind the bookcases is the bedroom. Say that you like it! Jennffer!”

I kissed Miss Scunthorpe. I said nothing.