Jennffer and the alteration

Your tits stick out one way.

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Copyright © 2010, Michael M Wayman

Yes, the shop, outfitters for ladies' apparel, had nice things, just what Miss Scunthorpe needed, just what Miss Scunthorpe liked and just what fitted Miss Scunthorpe.

Oh, yes. They knew their stuff in that shop. They knew what looked good on Miss Scunthorpe's body. Different clothes for different bodies. Just a few alterations.

Miss Scunthorpe was thrilled “Lovely clothes! Really lovely! I would like to buy them all, if I could.”

Of course Mrs Tinge was waiting. She knew, she knew that Miss Scunthorpe was wearing a bra too small and with one cup stuffed with hankies.

“Oh, yes!” said Mrs Tinge. “Miss Scunthorpe! You have a wonderful pair of lovelies. Yes, very good! This is going to take all day. But don't worry, I know my stuff.”

“Off with the clotheses, Miss Scunthorpe! And Jennffer, this is your bra, I know your size, you can have it back.”

Mrs Tinge's fingers were all over the place. Miss Scunthorpe was a bit embarrassed at first, but you trust Mrs Tinge. I told Miss Scunthorpe to close her eyes and think that it was me.

“Right! That took almost an hour. I'm ready for the first try. I'll take a bra from the rack and alter it a bit.”

The bra looked like it could stop artillery shells and had straps wider than my wrist. Mrs Tinge did the changes with a very old-fashioned sewing machine.

“Right! Let's try this! I'll put it on the lovelies and test it with my fingers.”

A quarter of an hour for fumbling, but Miss Scunthorpe looked happy, and I was certainly happy.

“Right, next try! The bra has to support both lovelies properly and also look balanced. You Jennffer! You don't mind the lovelies being lopsided, do you? But in the outside world we all have to look normal.” It took six times to get it right.

“Oh, yes! It feels good. I've never had a bra so good as this before, it fits perfectly, and hides my...”

“Nonsense! It doesn't hide anything!” roared Mrs Tinge. “Just a small adjustment really. Look in the mirror! Yes, but sideways. Look at the side of you! What do you see?”

Miss Scunthorpe looked good, a really good shape.

“What do you see, Miss Scunthorpe? Your tits stick out one way, just as they should on a lady. Your bot sticks out the other way, just as it should on a lady. There is nothing hidden. What more do you want?”

“Five more of them, please!” said I.

No, we wanted everything that Miss Scunthorpe had liked. I insisted, I paid for it, we left the shop, it was getting late, it had been a long day.

“Thank you, Jennffer! It will take a long time to pay you back, I don't earn very much.”

“Miss Scunthorpe, you are going to spend the rest of your life with me. I will buy you everything you want.”

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