Jennffer and the lovelies

The outfitters for ladies' apparel is for clothes.

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Copyright © 2010, Michael M Wayman

There was only one thing on her mind, well, two things really. She also had a special name for them.

Yes, they did have nice clothes. Even the school uniform looked good. “Oh, see that, the skirt has pockets, but you can hardly see them. You can put your hankie in there instead of stuffing it up the sleeve of your blouse or in your knickers like the other girls have to.”

Yes, the shop, outfitters for ladies' apparel, had nice things, everything on the list. I had to try everything on – pretty good fit – nice material. Uniform times three, “going-out” clothes twice, underwear times five, and sportswear and so on.

“No, no!” I said to the very nice shop assistant when Susan was not so close. “No sports stuff, please!” I had seen a video of girls playing hockey and I'm not going to tell you, and certainly not Susan, what I think about hockey. Just NO!

“But sport is compulsory at the school!”

“Still no!”

Susan came back and said, “Oh, you've tried on everything, right? So now you have to meet Mrs Tinge. She's the specialist for underwear, you know.”

“Oh, yes!” said Mrs Tinge. “Jennffer! You have a nice pair of lovelies. Yes, very good! I suppose Susan has told you that it takes time to fit underwear?”

No, she hadn't and yes, it did take time.

“I don't use a tape measure or anything else, just my hands and of course my fingers. So just take off that thing that you're wearing now, you won't want that again. This could take half an hour or two.”

“Oh yes, it does take time – you have a good pair of lovelies.”

Later that day Mrs Tinge pulled a bra from the rack and said “Try that!” It fitted well.

“OK, five of those and five of these.” She pulled four more bras and five pairs of knickers from another rack. Oh, was I disappointed – I was expecting another hour of hip measurement. “Oh no, knickers are easy. I could do them with my eyes shut.”

I paid the bill. “We will put your name in each article and deliver them to the school tomorrow. Do come again soon! Don't forget you are still growing. Thank you again!”

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