Jennffer and the old country

This is not the old country.

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Hello! My name is Jennffer. I've got a story to tell you. My life was fine – I was really enjoying things. And then it happened.

I liked to go outside, go for a walk, watch the wild animals, read a book, maybe shoot something and bring it home. Usually early in the day, before it gets warm, often before sunrise. Just me, a book and my rifle.

I taught myself to read and write and all that sort of thing. Maybe one day I could do what my Mum does. She does something in the administration, or so she says. I think that she runs the country. Anyway she likes it, so it must be a good idea for me. I don't want to do what Dad does, he's a farmer, I don't think he's very successful, but I don't ask.

“Ben, we've forgotten something. Do you know how old Jennffer is? We've got to send her to school.”

“Yes dear!”

I knew what a school was, but no choice. I knew that it was not necessary to go, but no choice.

“Jennffer, you will enjoy it at school. You'll be in the old country. Your Dad and I will miss you. Don't forget to write!”

It took a day to fly to the other side of the planet. The people at the airport were just like at home – all different – nothing new. There was a white-faced girl with a hand-written sign with the word JENNFFER on it.

“Hello! My name is Susan. I've come to pick you up. I'm the head girl at the school, you know! Grab your luggage and we'll catch the train.”

We left the airport building and WOW! IT WAS FREEZING.

“Hey! It's freezing! This is not the old country. This is the cold country.”

“It's January. It's winter, don't you know?”

Yes, I though I knew what a school is, what winter is, I'd read about them. Now I knew why women wear stockings.

After an hour in a train, also a new experience for me, “Here we are! Little Uffetton. The village is on that side and the school is on this side. Welcome to Uffetton School for Girls, over two hundred years old, you know. Very famous!”

Yes, it was a huge old building, just like I've seen in books. We walked through the big gates, along the drive and through the big doors.

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