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“You know what next Thursday is, don't you Cheby?”

“Yep, it's the General Election and everybody's gotta vote.”

“But not everybody does, just one in every two people.”

“So Debbie, let's say it together:”


“Yeah, but who are we going to vote for?”

“Cheby, we're not old enough yet to vote; but when the time comes, WE'LL VOTE!”

“Hey Mom, who should everybody vote for?”

“That should be easy, someone who is honest, wants to do the right thing and is as pure at heart as you two girls.”

“Sounds easy to me, Mom.”

“Unfortunately Debbie, no. All politicians are required to be dishonest, to do whatever the guy with the most money wants and above all, to have a black burned-to-a-cinder heart.”

“To tell you the truth, Debbie and Cheby, I always vote for None Of The Above.”

“Cheby, who is Nunnettabov?”

“I dunno either, Debbie.”

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She was confused. Why had she got off the train here? She didn't know this place. Why had she got off the train with that man? He was confused. Why had he got off the train? Why had he got off the train with that little girl?...   Continue reading...

She glided across the moors, but not very fast, she was glad to be alive. The bike was as good as it ever was, she tested the brakes, the steering and the acceleration. Everything was in order. She had been to Whitby to pick up...   Continue reading...

“It was Blackie's idea. She said that I had to do something. I arranged that you would fall all over me in the High Street. You remember?”
“Oh yes, I was so embarrassed, I did not know what to do, I blurted out an invitation to lunch at new restaurant on the edge of town. I s'pose I had been daydreaming about you inviting me out. It wasn't very...”
“It was great that you did that, look where we...   Continue reading...


Geschichten für Erwachsene    Glück­seligkeits­pfützen    Schwägerin    Nottingham    auch Angela    Erzählungen    wie Mutti    zeig mir    das 'Eck    Hattie    Stückchen   Deutch

Nein! Es konnte nicht sein. Aber er war so groß wie ein Baum. Und er sah aus wie Rhabarber. Er war ein Rhabarberbaum.
Ach! Ich träume! sagte Ines. Sie nahm einen Stift aus der Blusentasche, schraubte die Kappe ab und setzte die Spitze...   Weiter lesen...   Deutch