Frau Alpert and Stefanie – Stefanie's Tale

I'm so young and beautiful.

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Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

A young girl like me must always look at her best. I mean, I really need to look good. Perhaps I spend more time than other girls in front of the mirror, but it is worth it, everybody tells me how pretty I am, even Frau Alpert. All the boys, even Bob, are after me. It's a bit of a problem really, I'm so young and beautiful and honestly I'm too young for all this attention.

I mean, don't get me wrong, everybody should be after me, especially the boys, but I'm a little confused by all of it, at the moment I find girls more interesting. And I mean girls, Frau Alpert is really too old for me. Why must I sleep with her every night. OK, I know that I don't want to sleep alone, but why can't I sleep with someone my own age, a nice pretty girl like me or a nice young boy, providing he's clean.

And that's my trouble in life. I know what is important and that is how I look and no one can say that I don't do enough for my appearance. It takes hours to select the right clothes, they're gotta match, they must be new, the latest fashion. And that's not all, my make-up, my hairstyle, my shoes, my accessories, how I carry myself, the perfume. Oh, there is no end to it. It all takes time and money.

And what do I hear “You can't buy that!” “It's too expensive!” and so on. Oh, how hard I have to work just to find the right things in the first place and then I have to spend hours to get the money from Frau Alpert to buy them. Why can't she just give me the money up front? She knows that I need new things. Why is she so horribly mean to me? I think she doesn't like me. Would she be happier if I bought one shoe instead of a pair because it was cheaper?

I don't understand, she refuses to buy me new clothes and then expects me to sleep with her. And I have no choice in the matter. She expects me to sleep with Bob too sometimes, I mean Bob is a nice guy but he is much older than me. I don't think this is right. And Betty is too old for me too. I mean Betty is a very nice person, just like Bob and Frau Alpert are too.

Yes, I do love them really. I suppose I shouldn't moan but why can't I do what I want to do. What exactly do I want to do? Well, I don't know really, I get told to do things all the time. All I know, is that I gotta look after my appearance.