too love to crazy

An Ebook from the Story Kettle

In 2012 I started my ebook project, ebooks were in, I knew that love stories were very popular. When I started to write I wanted to write stories with humour, but many of my stories turned themselves into love stories. An ebook of love stories – why not?

I wrote a few new love stories and made a note of some of the love stories I had already written. A few more stories were floating around in my head. Ebook “too love to crazy” was in the making – a collection of short love stories.

Catastrophe hit me in 2013 and the ebook idea went on the back burner. Five years later ebooks are not so popular and being successful with ebooks means a huge amount of luck or very expensive advertising. However my stories still existed in my PC or my head. So here is my ebook:

The four stories too love two crazy  and two love to crazy  and Anna  and Anna 2  are short and sharp. The story High Moor  is a piss-take on the traditional romantic paper­back. All written in 2012.

Remember to click or tap on next ebook story➤  at the bottom right of every story to take you to the next story.

When I was young I read some romance books by Barbara Cartland, Georgette Heyer and Rosamunde Pilcher. Why I do not know, I certainly did not buy them, I must have borrowed them. They each had the same bow-legged plot: the young woman and young man were together at the beginning (feet), apart in the middle (knees) and together again at the end (top of the legs).

I wanted to write about love. The story Thumper  (written in 2011) is the fight of love against violence, depression and alcoholism. I suppose that is the theme of these stories – love in awkward and unusual circumstances succeeding against the odds.

The first potato story is into potato  (written in 2012); however the other two no potato  and out of potato  were in my head for the last five years and first written down in 2018. The theme is love battling other cultures.

The two stories North Ring  and until tomorrow  were originally (2008 and 2009) written in another language. The theme is love fighting age differences; see also the granny stories.

The two Jennffer stories meet the outlaws  and illegal shooting  were written in 2012. The theme is the love in and between generations. And are you an outlaw before you become an in-law?

The seven legs of lamb  (written in 2010) is a six-part story which started as a single humorous story about a teenage girl with strange eating habits, but grew into a love story, a crime and politics story, a love story.

I don't need a name for you. I know who you are. You are the one who goes to sleep with your arm inside my rib cage clutching my heart. How could I not know who you are.

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