Stories from the Story Kettle

The girl in white and dotty stories and vertex stories and the Sandhurst sequence and Amy stories and don't forget 9gals!

She's a very naughty girl. She's into disappearing and reappearing. She especially likes hitting the Vicar, but she does not like being shouted at or being hit with a cane, she just wants to disappear and be somewhere else.
She is the girl in white.   Start here!

Dotty stories


I was in a triangle or perhaps a pyamid. It was clear who the apex was, the second vertex was also clear. But where was I? The other vertex perhaps or in the middle.   The vertex starts here!

the Sandhurst sequence

The greenies have taken over the island, there are not many humans left. Jim Power has been sent to contact a group of survivors, if he can find any. He has a companion, a satellite telephone, some lead-barium pellets, a gun and something very special.   The Sandhurst sequence starts here!

Amy stories

Amy is studying "Stupidity in the Early Twenty-First Century". Jimmie is a bit stupid, but Amy likes him anyway.   9gals! starts here.