in Griddlestone

Stop washing Betty and get on the phone.

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However Dave was in the bathroom washing a very small, young woman in the shower. “Is that the… It is, isn’t it?”

“Yes. it’s Betty.” Dave explained about the explosion and that Betty was not her usual self.

Mary could see that, Mary had seen Betty in many video clips – dancing and having fun, but this Betty looked sad. What Betty needed was much TLC, alcohol and fun. Mary knew what to do.

“We’re having a spontaneous and surprise party to restart Betty. Stop washing Betty, get on the phone, invite all the Black Corner people, and then go shopping with the list I’m going to write for you.”

Dave did as he was told, Mary always had the best ideas.

Mary washed Betty, stopping frequently to kiss and cuddle Betty. Finally she dressed Betty in a leotard from Betty’s bag, not forgetting the black triangular brooch from the badly damaged tu tu. The brooch was very important – it was made of jet.

Betty realised that Mary and Dave were good people, probably POGs (Part of the Goodness). Dave came back with two big, heavy bags of stuff. Betty sat on the counter top in the kitchen and helped Mary to make sandwiches. Betty smiled weakly at Dave and he kissed her. Betty felt better.

“Hello everybody! Welcome to this surprise party. The violence will take place this Sunday afternoon as usual. This party is as much a surprise to us as it is to you.”

“We have a surprise guest who needs much TLC, alcohol and fun. So grab a drink and...” Dave played a few bars of a heavy brass piece from Leoš Janáček and Mary walked in carrying Betty – cheers from everybody, Betty waved at everybody, Betty was happy.

“A toast to Betty, our leader, our supremo and the hero of today’s explosion at the railway station.” Dave explained. “Who wants to be first to play ‘pass the Betty’?”

Mary put Betty on her lap – face to face – five minutes of kissing and cuddling, then ‘pass the Betty’ to the next person.

No, Betty did not want to sleep on the guest bed – she entered the bed from the bottom end and put her arms around Mary and Dave. She felt good between them, she wanted to help, but she was too tired, she had dropped off several times during the party, she was feeling better, tomorrow would be an important day, get some sleep.

“This is John Kapon from Eastpro TV on the market square outside the town hall in Griddle­stone. The senate is having an emergency debate on the explosion yesterday in the main railway station. A very large, black limo has just drawn up in front of the town hall. It’s probably Erik Blaketon, the leader of the senate...”

“The police are keeping the public back from the car, a footman opens a rear door and the senate leader steps… A little girl runs forward and punches him hard in the face. He falls back into the car. I think that it’s EOLS, he’s dead. Men in red overalls are all over the place…”

She knew that there were three ‘very nasty and very evil’ men in Griddle­stone – two down, one to go. And she had to terminate him too. She had discovered that none of the Griddle­stone Black Corner Group could read minds, it was a job for her and her alone.

It wasn’t far to the richest part of town and there was the biggest villa surrounded by a high wall and a big steel-barred gate. She pushed two gate bars apart and entered the villa grounds. She did not notice that she had jammed the sliding gate.

The gate guard shouted at her and ran towards her, she grabbed his hand, crushed it slowly and dragged him through the big house to the grand hall. There sat the rich man at a desk, big and self-important and brazen, very nasty and very evil.

He was pleased to see her, another little girl to play with.

She was pleased, she jumped onto his desk and danced, she could dance again, that was very good, and she kicked his head in. EORM.

She left the villa via the small gap in the gate and looked around. She had successfully terminated the three very nasty and very evil men in Griddle­stone: a terrorist, a politician and a rich man. There were helicopters circling in the air. What to do?

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