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She had been here for three days and she had killed not one.

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She had asked herself before. Why was she in Big City? It was dirty, the air was polluted and it was friendless. It stank of nastiness, evil and wickedness. She had met and identified only one NEWTTT, but she was not allowed to terminate him. Big City must have been full of NEWTTTs.

Why was she here? Her job was to find and identify NEWTTTs and terminate them. She had been here for three days and she had killed not one.

OK, her landlady was cuddly and the policeman was a good guy, but he held her back. Maybe she should give up and go home. What had the policeman arranged for that day?

It was nine in the morning, the policeman sat in plain-clothes at a table in Diamond Square drinking a cup of coffee. Very pleasant, but where was the agent?

A little girl came to his table, smiled at him and jumped onto the table. She gave him a letter. She sat on the table watching him.

Hello, my code name is “Dancing Girl”, I'm your NEWTTT agent. Please take me to your NEWTTTs. My task is to identify NEWTTTs and terminate them.

NOTE: I do not speak or hear or read or write. I have no notion of money, but I can read your mind. Please report to your CHIECON every day.

He had difficulty understanding the letter and accepting that the little girl was the agent. There was also a funny feeling that he was not alone in his head. And who was CHIECON?

She was amused. She was also pleased that the man, although he was obviously a policeman, was pure of heart, a good man. She sat in his mind and examined all she could find.

He ordered a banana split for the little girl.

She liked the ice cream, but a beer would have been better.

The two of them visited various lowlifes in the city, but none of them were that bad. The little girl just shook her head. They passed a very grand building in the middle of town, the little girl pointed urgently at the building. “No, no, no, that's where the lord mayor lives and works. There can't be any bad people there.”

The next day the two visited more lowlifes in the city, but none were that bad. The little girl just shook her head.

One last visit, old Billie Barley working in his garden. Quite a character, he had spent most of his life behind bars. Billie and the policeman were old enemies, Billie had nothing good to say.

Billie was really bad – very nasty, very evil and very wicked – she found him disgusting. But Billie wasn't stupid, he knew that the little girl was dangerous, he pulled a revolver out of his pocket, but the little girl was too quick for him, she knew that Billie wanted to kill them.

Billie screamed with pain as she crushed his wrist. She took the gun, emptied it into the lawn, squeezed the barrel flat and put it back in Billie's pocket. She was about to kill him, but the policeman pulled her back. She was not pleased.

The two of them went to a nearby pub, she insisted on a large beer and sat on the bar counter-top. The policeman had a good look at her, he realised that she was not a little girl and not an android, but was a young woman, a very small young woman. She was also very strong, very quick and probably could read minds.

She was however dressed as a little girl and he had to play the part of her father.

Light bulb! CHIECON was of course the chief constable, in charge of the city's police force.

Meanwhile Billie Barley wanted revenge, he ordered two of his sons to waylay the policeman and the little girl, mug them and accidentally kill them if possible.

The two were walking back to Diamond Square as they were attacked by two muggers with knives. The little girl knew that she had made a big mistake not killing Billie Barley – these were his two sons and they were just as bad.

Same tactic – grab the wrist with the weapon, crush the wrist and punch the guy's brains out through his ears. The other mugger tried to run away, but no, she was too quick.

The policeman pulled out his phone and reported the attack and waited.

The little girl's landlady was cooking something good that evening, the little girl wanted to go.

The little girl jumped up and kissed the policeman on his cheek and walked away. The food was good that evening and she slept on the landlady.

He was not in Diamond Square at nine the next day – she went for a walk and terminated Billie Barley. It was done. One of the NEWTTT rules was that if you terminate one of a group of NEWTTTs you must terminate all of the group.

She needed a drink, she entered a pub, a rough-looking pub. She realised she would have to dance for her lunch – as in sing for your supper.

She jumped onto the largest table and danced slowly around in a circle. The men lifted their glasses from the table and more men came to the table – what's going on? She danced – she was a good dancer.

Someone brought a tray of drinks – she snatched a large glass of beer and downed it in one. Who was this little girl who danced on the pub table? Who was this little girl who drank a litre of beer in one go?

She danced again, everybody cheered until...

He entered the pub, he saw the girl, hate filled his heart, he walked slowly over to the little girl, he pulled out a knife...

She knew who he was, he was Bounty Barley, the third brother. She crushed his wrist...

The crowd of men had had enough, Bounty Barley was a bully, really bad. They were frightened of him, but he had wanted to kill their little dancing girl, they had had enough.

They pulled him to the ground and took turns to punch him – they threw his body out of the pub and into the gutter.

The little girl was impressed, the first time that somebody else had done the termination for her. She danced some more and drank some more.

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