He had a very small shoe rammed into his face.

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Voice-over: This is WesPro TV serving the West Province. The Black File is very black and very short this evening.

Simes: Sorry that your screen is blank and very black. We were told this morning that we could not show tonight's case. We can't tell you why or how. We can't tell you anything about the case.

You may have heard the news that a famous celeb was found dead this afternoon in an orphanage.

Perhaps next week we'll be able to screen the case. Good night!

Voice-over: This is WesPro TV serving the West Province. In place of The Black File we present a special edition of our Panorama News Program.

Voice-over: This is WesPro TV serving the West Province. And now Jim Simes presenting another case from The Black File.

Simes: What happened last week? Why was the screen blank and very black?

However firstly, thank you to everyone who sent names matching the faces A and B that appeared on the show two weeks ago. You were right, the faces belong to two senior policemen from Knowtown; they were cut out from a single, larger photo.

You're seeing that photo from The Black File now, however the lower part showing a junior uniformed policeman doing something shocking we cannot show.

This morning we gave a copy of the photo and the two names to the police in Knowtown, which as you know is not in the West Province; and this afternoon A and B were suspended, arrested and charged with various offences under the National Police Act 1942.

Simes: Last week the screen was black because we had done something right and something wrong.

There's been rumours about a certain celeb for years, about child abuse. We can show a picture of him because there exists evidence of his abuse of children. What happened?

We had built up a case against him based mostly on interviews with two of his victims. However on the morning before our last broadcast we were handed a court order: no program, no mention of the case to anyone, no mention of the court order to anyone, a real gagging order for seven days.

Later that day the famous celeb was found dead in an orphanage. What was he doing in an orphanage? Other media got interested – the Bigtown Bugle and the Bigtown Evening Courier. These two local newspapers did a better investigation and published their findings with pictures in the last few days.

That we investigated the celeb was right, but our findings were wrong. The two so-called victims that we interviewed were charlatans, they really took us for a ride.

So our case was blocked and rightly so; but others took up the cause and discovered the truth (or part of it). We also learnt a lot.

Simes: OK, I'm going to tell you the truth about The Black File, who compiled it and how it got to WesPro TV. You remember the mega-criminal Harry Black, the friend of many in high places. The guy who was regularly taken to court and always found not guilty. He used the contents of his vanilla folder to keep him out of prison.

You remember him because he was found dead in his 34th floor penthouse with a very small shoe rammed into his face. The owner of that shoe gave me the folder.

Have you read black corner and Betty and goodness me?