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She had to see him every day, he fascinated her.

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He was very evil, probably very nasty too. She saw him for half a second in the back of a large car, the traffic was slow in the city. She was fascinated, a man so evil. She followed the car along the street and saw it turn into underground parking in a large building.

She saw him the next day.

She had to see him every day, he fascinated her, he was so evil.

He saw her every day. Why was a little girl staring at him every morning?

She saw him again, but this time the traffic was very slow. He jumped out of the car and ran into the building. She followed. He took the lift to the top floor. He stared at her like he had stared at her in the street. She left the lift on the floor below the top.

She climbed the stairs to the top floor, the fire door was locked, she kicked it open. The penthouse suit was very light. The young woman receptionist shouted at her not to enter that room. She heard nothing, as usual, and entered the room.

He was seated at a large desk. He stared at her. She stared at him. Maybe he said something, she heard nothing. A security guard took one look at her and hid in a cupboard.

She stepped into his mind and rummaged around: the black file. What could he do to stop her? What would she do to him?

It was very clear in her mind, people who were very evil and very nasty needed termination. She was good at termination.

She jumped onto the desk and kicked his head in. She bent down and picked up a plain vanilla folder. The receptionist entered the room and screamed. She heard nothing; she turned and walked to the lift.

The lift doors opened at street level and she walked past a group of slightly evil-looking men waiting for the lift. One said “That's Harry's nemesis, the little girl who he says stares at him every morning.” Another “We can tell the boss that we've seen her, won't he be pleased.”

They took the lift to the top floor. She left the building leaving a trail of left footprints from her blood-soaked foot.

What do you do with a folder full of kompromat? That is compromising material, damaging information about a politician or other public figure used to create negative publicity, for blackmail, or for ensuring loyalty – to quote Wikipedia.

She had never liked the police, they were miserable and useless. Besides the first photo in the folder showed two senior policemen in uniform doing something I can't describe here.

She walked a couple of blocks to the WesPro TV station. She knew where she was going – to the office of news reporter Jim Simes. He was always good to play with. But the office was empty. She walked down the corridor opening the doors until she found him.

He was not alone, it was the weekly meeting of the news group. She jumped onto the big table and walked across to Jim. She handed him the folder and left the room.

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