return of Big Jake

Very brutal, that would show everybody who was boss.

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Copyright © 2017, Michael M Wayman

She was bored. She sat on the bar top holding a litre glass of beer which she held with both hands. No fights tonight, she was in charge, she allowed no violence, everyone bought her a drink. But she was bored, perhaps she should go to the strip club on the other side of the road.

The plan was simple, two thugs would enter the pub, one would grab the little girl's body and the other one would twist her head off. And roll it across the floor. Big Jake would then enter the pub in triumph.

He had hired the hardest two men in the country, the top two thugs from Big City for the action. Very brutal, that would show everybody who was boss.

The street door opened and a cold gust of something bad entered the room. Two men came into the pub and walked up to the bar. This was going to be easy, the little girl was so little. The little girl smiled at the men, she knew exactly what the two thugs wanted to do, it was heart-breaking, she punched their hearts out.

Big Jake waiting outside heard the big cheer from inside the pub, the deed was done. He strode into the pub expecting to find the little girl in pieces. Too late he saw the two dead thugs on the floor, he turned to flee, but there was the little girl. He had had his chance, why did he come back?

For the little girl it was a no-brainer, she jumped up and punched his brains out.

The police arrived in ten minutes, the police office was a few doors away. But nobody but nobody had seen anything. The little girl had left and crossed the road to the strip club.

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