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Your head whiplashes over the back of the chair.

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Welcome to our Doggington page! The Big Event on net tour 2. We got off the bus and walked straight into the community meeting – no time to discover Doggington. Betty scored eight in less than eight minutes – Termination Big Time!

There at one table were the members of the Good Party – did they look bad. They had the absolute majority – eight seats. The meeting was being shown live on the local TV station. At the other table were seven people from three parties – the so-called Good Party was going to win every time. But I knew what Betty wanted to do.

The speaker rose to his feet and announced a motion from the Free Liberal Party, a member of the FLP stood and read the motion...

…that the eight members of the so-called Good Party are in fact extremely bad and horrid and guilty of heinous crimes. Starting with Mr John Keinherz: two years imprisonment for grievous bodily harm, six months for fraud, five years for rape...

A long list of crimes for all eight men – they were all men.

...that all eight members of the Good Party should stand down and that new elections...

John Keinherz from the Good Party stood and denied all the so-called crimes and that the vote would confirm that. That was rich – you can't vote against facts.

The speaker stood up and called for a show of hands – eight for the rejection of the motion – much booing from the public.

I stood up.

Betty and me have decided that the eight members of the Good Party are very nasty and very evil...

The speaker interrupted.

Members of the public are not allowed to speak without invitation from...

I continued.

...and Betty will now terminate the eight members of the Good Party.

The speaker wanted to shout out of order, but nothing can stop Betty.

Betty jumped onto the table and kicked John Keinherz's head in.

I don't know if you have ever had your head kicked in while sitting at a table. It is very dramatic. Your back hits the back of the chair. Your head whiplashes over the back of the chair. Your neck breaks and your brain is drastically rearranged. Your torso bounces back to the table. Your head smacks the table top and you may lose your front teeth.

Betty rapidly terminated the others, one of the members stood up and waved a gun about, Betty kicked him in the chest and he fired several shots into the ceiling.

Plaster dust fell, then large lumps of plaster and metal pieces of lighting. There were several screams and the hall emptied quickly.

There on the TV screen were eight collapsed nasty men covered in dust and debris – what a sight – what a warning to all nasty and evil men.

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