We successfully terminated the two men.

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Welcome to our Wincastleton-on-Sea page! The locals call it WC. Betty and I visited WC in our first year of touring in net tour 1 thanks to your suggestions and donations. We successfully terminated the two nasty and evil men that you named to us.

That they were both men was no surprise, likewise that they were both councillors. I announced to the media when we arrived the names of the two men, a list of their nasty and evil exploits and plans, and that they would be terminated after a week. This gave them time to leave the country.

They responded by suing for libel and slander – I ignored that. We stayed in a very good B&B, thank you Gale Sweetcutt. I enjoyed swimming in the sea, sunbathing on the beach and interviewing the locals about the two nasties. Betty practised dancing on the promenade in the sun. She helped some of the holiday­makers to dance and thumped the men she didn't like.

We went to a council meeting and Betty pointed to the two nasties; she can detect nastiness and evil at a hundred metres; she can look inside people's heads. Betty wanted to terminate there and then, but I stopped her. The two men laughed – I told them that they had a week to escape “Otherwise, it's THE BETTY.”

We met the two nasties in the car park of the town hall a week later.

“Councillors Jones and Jackerby, you are both very nasty and very evil. Wincastleton-on-Sea does not need you; the town would be better without you. Do you have anything to say before Betty terminates you? Here in the car park?”

Laughter. “This little girl you call Betty is going to kill us?”

“Don't make me laugh.”


“Oh dear, I'm so afraid. How is this sweet and pretty little girl going to kill us?”

“She'll probably jump up, punch you in the forehead and squeeze your brains out of your earholes.” Which she did, twice.

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