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16 March 2024 – still not writing much
The home page needs a new look.

4 March 2024 – some time later
Not writing much because of bad health. I spent Xmas and New Year in hospital.
Came slowly: wrong stuff and Evelynn&Arthur

9 June 2023 – new collections
Coming soon: wrong stuff and Evelynn&Arthur

24 April 2023 – mistakes
I make mistakes in my writing, I sometimes find them and correct them. So please contact me if you find any. But be aware that most of my mistakes are intentional.

9 April 2023 – next➤
This right-pointing arrowhead appears at the bottom right of most stories on this website. Click or tap on it for the next story or next part of a longer story.

4 April 2023 – HTTPS
I have switched this site from HTTP to HTTPS encrypted protocol. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a protocol that secures communication and data transfer between a user's web browser and a website. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. You probably won't notice any difference.

7 March 2023 – more granny stories
I think that granny has caught the nightmare bug from Johnnie.

27 Feb 2023 – usual yearly writer's block
Maybe some granny stories soon. Started new offcuts for 2023 and beyond; see also in and around the Story Kettle in 2016-2022.

26 Dec 2022 – date of a page
You can read the date of any page on this website by right-clicking on the page and clicking on View page source or Show meta information to see the meta data for the page you are viewing. The dates for this page were:
  <meta name="DC.Date.modified" content="2022-12-26">
  <meta name="DC.Date.created"  content="2016-01-06">

21 Dec 2022 – new in the last three months
jokes and granny stories and Ireotic stories

19 Dec 2022 – Guten Rutsch!
I slipped on ice on my front doorstep and now have difficulties on both sides – left I have a very sore hip from my fall and my right hand is out of use after a snapfinger operation.

5 Nov 2022 – fifteen years later

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