Stories from the Story Kettle

Here are the new stories, about Mrs Bulge the new teacher and Mrs Bulge in love and the cat and the quaint stories. And very new: the Friday and Saturday stories.

Bulges: Why do girls say they have too many bulges and too few bulges? And why do boys say that girls have too many bulges? Lots of v.short and v.silly bulge stories (an experiment with very short stories, mostly maximum one A4 page).   Start here!

As closed three-dimensional objects we human beings are mostly convex in form, a little bit concave – the most convex parts we call bulges.

Betty is an old favourite, she has starred in eighty of my stories and now she meets the cat.   The cat starts here!

Quaint stories are individual stories or short sequences of stories – rather quaint.   The quaint starts here!   The bolt starts here!

Friday&Saturday stories are deadly.   Friday&Saturday start here!