who am I – not me

You are the most vile candidate.

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Copyright © 2015, Michael M Wayman

“Who are you? Why are you inside my head?”

Same person, different voice “I'm at home watching the candidates' debate on the screen, I can see you.”

“What do you want inside my head?”

“You are nasty and evil, you are the most vile candidate.”

“What do you want?”

“You have one minute to say goodbye to your friends and make your last prayers, before your brain is removed from your head and your body slumps to the floor.”

“What do you mean? Why say goodbye and prayers? Do you want to kill me? Ha, ha. You want to kill me, kill me in front of all these people and all those TV watchers. You're joking aren't you? But why are you inside my head? What can you do inside my head? You can't do anything really? Can you?”

His skull empties and his body slumps to the floor.