who am I – dancer

And now I'm a pretty little girl.

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Copyright © 2015, Michael M Wayman

I woke up in white, I felt like a large daisy that had been thrown on the bed. There were two young women in the bed, it was a large bed. Where was I?

One of the women wrapped herself around me, I enjoyed that. I stood and looked at myself in the mirror. Why was I shorter than the door knob on the cupboard? Why was I wearing a white tutu? And why was I a little girl?

The bed was not large, I was small. The woman spoke, but I heard nothing, I spoke nothing.

I had another look in the mirror, I was quite pretty, a pretty little girl. No, not true. I was a forty-year-old grain dealer with an office in Brussels with a wife and three kids. And now I'm a pretty little girl?

The three of us left the house and walked down the street. Where were we going? And why couldn't I hear anything? We entered a large hall with a stage. Aha, dancing lessons.

Basic steps as a warm-up, I noticed that I was the only one not making mistakes, I was obviously the dance master's favourite. I looked in his mind and found only good things.

Since when had I learned to dance and read minds? I still could hear nothing, though I could feel the light thump of feet on the boards.

And now a real dance, I led, we were rehearsing for something. A group of important worthies entered the hall and the one with the golden chain round his neck made a short speech.

I heard nothing, but there was something or somebody in the hall that was nasty and evil, this made me feel ill.

Time for a break, I wanted to discover the truth about me and wandered off to the toilets. It was true, I was now a girl.

Nastiness and evil drifted under the door. I unlocked the door and there was the man with the golden chain, the nasty and evil man. He wanted something and that thing was me.

He reached down to grab me, I wanted to throw up, I punched him in the forehead, probably not the first time that I had done that. I had made a large hole in his head, he fell over backwards.

I washed my hands and went back to the dancing.