fit Mrs Pearson

I need to use more than my fingers and hands.

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She was a very good customer, she always bought something, she came every week. Mrs Pearson was very active: horse riding, the opera, tennis, the arts society, the theatre, the community centre, fencing, the local council... Lots of clothes, for every occasion, and of course lots of underwear. She had lots of money, she owned a large factory in the town.

Mrs Tinge found it quite reasonable that Mrs Pearson came every Friday morning for a fitting. Mrs Pearson had reasonable lovelies and Mrs Tinge did her best to increase the sales of underwear, besides Mrs Tinge enjoyed it too.

“It's got to cross at the back, you need the freedom in your arms, you must be able to easily move your arms above your head.” The examination had taken more than two hours, Mrs Pearson had started fencing and needed new sports bras.

“I've been thinking, Mrs Pearson. I think that you need a more thorough examination, I need to use more than my fingers and hands...”

“What do you have in mind, Mrs Tinge? I'm all ears.”

“As I said, I need to be more physical. I think that, perhaps, that you could come to my apartment on Sunday mornings, immediately after your horse riding.”

“I normally go straight home after riding and have a shower...”

“I think it would better if you came straight after riding, immediately. Mrs Pearson, do you want to come on Sunday morning?”

Mrs Pearson wanted.

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