Stories from the Story Kettle

Meet Betty and Mrs Tinge and the bitch.   Read the Carnival Sequence and the cat.   And what is Brasslans and Who am I?   And who is Nottingham?

She's a bitch of a girl. She's very pretty, she has a wonderfully handsome boyfriend; but next week she will have a new one, just as good. She's a bitch of a girl.   A story told from different viewpoints and different time-frames starting here.

Betty was very small, she looked like her sister, but she was extremely small. A multi-part story that begins with a buzz. She wore clothes that were a mix of an American cheerleader, a German Funkenmariechen and the Sugar Plum Fairy. She also never spoke.

More Betty stories – the Carnival Sequence starts here.

Betty on the rampage – single, double and triple Betty stories.

Mrs Tinge (also known as Mrs Fiona Ismeralda Tinge or even Backwings) knows all about lovelies and more besides. More about Mrs Tinge in the Carnival Sequence.

Brasslans is a village. Or is it a small town? It's a bit odd. And who knocks on the front door every cold first of January? A multi-part story beginning here.

Nottingham is white and small and short-legged and probably human.

Who am I?   is a good question to ask as you don't know,
especially when every day is different, when every day you are in a different place, when every day there are different people, a new time, a new language and you have a new body. You have to ask yourself  Who am I?  starts here.

Who am I?   I spend most of my time in your kitchen, where I sometimes get very hot. I'm very dangerous and I live in a steel cage – don't get too close. I'm a radio transmitter on 2.45 GigaHertz and I excite little atoms.   Who am I?