swear on it

He took the heavy golden chain.

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Copyright © 2015, Michael M Wayman

Four weeks to the first of September, what should I do? An invitation from an unexpected source.

“It's part of the Mayor's job, with help from his trusty Financial Officer of course, to prepare a financial plan for the new year starting on the first of October. As I'm still Mayor, I have to do it. Perhaps you would like to watch us at work and discover how hard the job of Mayor really is.”

Jeremy Westchester was full of himself as usual, however I accepted the offer, I'm sure that he wanted to dissuade me from being the next Mayor, but it was the chance to gain some experience about the mayorship and the town hall and more.

I met all the staff, visited all the many rooms in the town hall, most were almost empty. Hard work – a full-time job – another joke – everybody including the Mayor left after one o'clock apart from Thursdays. Every day was quiet apart from Thursdays.

The trusty Financial Officer was called Karl Dingeldei, a son-in-law of Jeremy Westchester – I took an instant dislike to him. Every morning the two met and discussed budget items that I did not understand. No, I did not ask questions. It was a farce to confuse me. I took notes and kept quiet.

Almost every morning Westchester told me “When you discover how hard this job is, you can give up the idea of becoming Mayor. You don't have to accept the job – just resign.”

After four weeks Westchester gave me a copy of the new financial plan “Signed by me and the Financial Officer, otherwise it would not be legal.” I showed it to Peter Lans “It's a copy of the plan for this year. No mention of the stuff the two of them have been talking about these last three weeks.”

Peter and I made a financial plan, but much shorter. “As the new Mayor you have the right to your own plan.”

The day came, the press were there, everyone dressed up, Westchester with the golden chain of office, all the staff. The Electoral Officer handed Westchester a certificate of office and shook his hand.

The Electoral Officer turned to me, gave me a sheet of paper and asked me to read out the oath of office. I spoke the oath from memory. He took the heavy golden chain from Westchester and placed it over my head on my shoulders.

Yudi is the new Mayor of Brasslans!