get out the vote

I paid for posters and pamphlets to be printed.

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Copyright © 2015, Michael M Wayman

I spent two Saturday mornings with Peter Lans looking at copies of the Brasslans financial records that John Cairns had sent me. He had also sent the electoral results for the last 25 years.

“Aha!” said Peter. He high-lighted several names on the copy of the Brasslans electoral role that I had got from the town hall. He counted them. “Nearly thirty. And how many voted in those elections. Yep, nearly thirty each time.”

“So?” I cried.

“These names are all members of Jeremy Westchester's extended family.”

“I don't understand, don't you have to register to vote, and don't you get a voting form just before each election?”

“No, not here. You register once for your ID and elections are announced...”

“Oh, yes, Peter. Here it was a tiny piece of paper high up in the window of the town hall. I saw it just by chance.”

“Yudi, you're right. I can't remember the last time I voted in Brasslans. That crafty Westchester arranges it all, absolute minimum announcement of the election, an invitation to a pub in another village for the whole of his large family on the Saturday, and they all vote for him on the Sunday.”

“We need a plan.”

Peter and I checked the financial records as best we could, why was so much money being spent? Why not cut the spending and cut the tax? My slogan:


I paid for posters and pamphlets to be printed. I didn't hang the posters out in the village three weeks in advance. I did nothing, because Westchester did nothing too.

As Peter said “Probably only five people know about the election in the village.”

I waited.

On the Friday evening I hung out my posters all over Brasslans. It was too late for anyone else to get posters printed. On the Saturday I went canvassing in the village, I delivered my pamphlets and knocked on every door, on every house where Westchester's family didn't live. Most people were interested, cutting taxes is always popular.

I won 312 to 31. I will be Mayor of Brasslans in four weeks time.