great fun

His head disappeared under a heap of melons.

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Copyright © 2016, Michael M Wayman

She had bent over to pick up a can of something from the bottom shelf and a man tweaked her behind with thumb and forefinger.

She straightened up, turned and almost chucked the can through his head, but she didn't. She dropped the can, grabbed his belt buckle and his shirt collar, and threw him into the fruit and veg stand. His head disappeared under a heap of melons. Explain that to the store manager!

She left the supermarket, it was close to home, but it was small and had not much choice. She walked to the next store. She found it odd, back home in Bigtown everybody knew her, everybody liked her, anybody else had left the town, some horizontally.

Still she had the chance to thump a few muggers and pickpockets and persuade a few corrupt politicians to leave town – great fun.

The next store had just what she wanted, stuff for a cow curry. She queued at the cash-desk and she felt the hand. It was where Paul always put his hand, somewhere real nice, but it was not Paul's hand.

She slowly turned to face the hand's owner – she knew that it would be some nasty guy. She smiled at him – this embarrassed the guy – he pulled back his hand. She jumped in the air and kicked him down the aisle into a nicely stacked tower of tomato soup cans – great fun.

The store manager had seen all of this, he walked up to her, put her shopping into a bag, picked her up and carried both outside. He hugged her, she liked the store manager.