one-eyed gang

He was flipping and serving burgers.

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Spike was feeling good, he was happy, he was flipping and serving burgers. The burger stand was just outside the BIG supermarket, he had a good view of the entrance, even with his black eye-patch on.

Spike's dad had had a burger stand just like this one, Spike had helped his dad flipping burgers when he was a kid. He was happy then and he felt happy now; when he had got the money he was going to buy a burger stand, flip burgers and be happy for the rest of his life. Burgers were great, flipping 'em and serving 'em, but not eating them, Spike didn't eat burgers, they tasted disgusting.

A woman ordered a burger. “Where is Jim? He's normally here.” “He'll be back tomorrow; family business you know.” Spike was waiting for the guard.

Nobby had been feeling good, he had eaten seven burgers, that was great, Nobby thought that burgers were great, Spike had served him eight burgers and Nobby didn't have to pay. That was great.

Nobby walked around the car park picking up litter and pushing shopping trolleys back to the pick-up points, he wore an eye-patch. The eighth burger was one too many and Nobby's stomach was objecting. Nobby was waiting for the guard.

Betty was feeling not so good, she was bored, she knew that there was some nastiness outside the supermarket. She was waiting for her sister to go shopping.

Fred had been feeling good, he had a new pair of trainers on his feet, that was good. Fred had been waiting for the guard.

Fred was not feeling good, he didn't feel anything, he lay back in the driver's seat, his hands were tied together through the steering wheel with the laces from his trainers. Why did he have to open the car door? Just because a little girl was dancing on the roof of the car. And why did the little girl thump him senseless and take the car keys?

Jim was not feeling good, he was tied up and gagged and stuffed into a cupboard in his burger stand. He was waiting for release.

A dark blue van with small windows arrived, a guard in a dark blue uniform with helmet entered the supermarket. Spike turned the gas supply to the grill off, he was ready, Nobby was ready, hopefully Fred had started the get-away car.

The guard came out of the supermarket carrying a very heavy box. Spike pushed a gun in the face of the guard and Nobby grabbed the box. But where was Fred with the car?

Betty kicked Nobby hard in the knee. Nobby collapsed with the heavy box and knocked Spike to the ground. Nobby's stomach rebelled.

It's very difficult to stand up if your left leg is broken and there is nothing to grab hold of and you are covered in vomit.

Betty kicked Spike, she dropped the car keys into Nobby's open mouth and went shopping with her sister.