just another day

She kicked his legs until he fell.

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She was irritated, something was nasty or evil in Bigtown and Betty wanted to know why. She had plenty to do today, but first she had to go to the town square.

There were hundreds of people listening to a politician on a small stage. The crowd was mostly from out of town and the politician was well known and nasty and evil.

Betty frowned and jumped onto the stage and danced round and round the politician. She was wearing a white tutu as usual, the crowd thought that the dancing was part of the fun, the politician looked bewildered and stopped speaking.

Betty danced behind him, she grabbed his belt with both hands and pulled his trousers down to his ankles. The crowd stared, Betty kicked his legs until he fell, the crowd laughed, The politician knew that his political career was finished.

She left, nobody followed her, nobody ever did.

Betty entered a coffee shop on the side of the town square and was given a big mug of coffee and an iced doughnut. She didn't pay, she had no money and didn't know what money was. Everybody in Bigtown gave her free stuff, Betty was famous, Betty made everybody happy, Betty was good for business.

A video clip of Betty and the politician was being shown on a large TV screen.

Betty walked to the other end of the High Street and entered a rather old-fashioned shop, the outfitters for ladies' apparel. She walked to the back and was greeted by a smiling Mrs Tinge.

The carnival club had arranged for new costumes for Betty for the great day, in three weeks celebrated Bigtown a big birthday, 750 years. She would be dancing in the morning parade and at the evening ball. Mrs Tinge had put the idea in Betty's head that she needed new bras and that was a job for Mrs Tinge.

Betty was very fond of Mrs Tinge, Betty was very small, however she had very large lovelies, no challenge for Mrs Tinge. But first the fitting, a two-hour fumble. “They'll be ready tomorrow.”

A four-hour fumble would have been better, but Mrs Tinge knew that Betty had to go to the carnival club for rehearsals.

Betty was thirsty after much dancing, however it was too early to go to her favourite pub, she entered a bar and was immediately shouted at by the barkeeper. Betty heard nothing, she jumped up and sat on the bar. Why didn't she get a drink?

The barkeeper was still shouting that children were not allowed in the bar when Betty grabbed his shirt collar and forced his head down to the bar-top. She looked at him hard, he was new in town. She looked in his mind, put a finger in her mouth and rubbed her wet finger on his nose.

He realised that she was not going to hurt him. Somebody called out “Get her a beer, a big one.” Betty took the beer glass in both hands, she needed that.

She took the lift to the top floor of Pearsons Towers and entered the board room. Wonderful timing – Mrs Pearson had just signed a big contract with a large company from another land – drinks all round.

Mrs Pearson explained that Betty was a famous dancer. Betty jumped onto the large table and performed a dainty dance, she took the hand of each person and pressed it to her forehead. Mrs Pearson explained that it was the bedtime dance of Queen Ocarina of Oxshott, she performed it before her twelve husbands every night.

Betty knew that Mrs Pearson would be taking her new partners to a fancy restaurant – wining and dining – and went on her way.

After a few beers in the Brown Jug Betty decided to visit Mrs Tinge who lived in a big mansion called Pearsons Place on the edge of town. Mrs Tinge was so pleased to see her again.

Lettie was sitting in the kitchen, she liked it there, when she had nothing to do she sat there surrounded with lots of friendly machines, all night long. She watched videos of Betty dancing, she liked Betty.

Lettie sensed somebody at the front door, she opened it and Mrs Pearson staggered in, she helped Mrs Pearson into the living room. Betty and Mrs Tinge were cuddling on the sofa. Mrs Pearson cried “Hello darling dearest, hello Betty.” She opened both her arms wide, strode forward and fell on the floor.

Lettie and Betty helped Mrs Pearson up and put her on the sofa next to Mrs Tinge.

“Oh, thank you, thank you, I've had such a wonderful day. I must tell you all about it.” and she fell asleep.