let me dance

At the end of the day she tried to dance.

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Copyright © 2015, Michael M Wayman

Lettie liked Mrs Pearson and Mrs Tinge, they were always polite to her, she did all the work in the house, the cleaning, the ironing, the washing, most of the cooking.

Most other people treated her badly, like an android, or worse, they shouted at her or ignored her.

Lettie liked Betty most of all, Betty was always polite, very friendly and very important, she mended Lettie. Lettie was always losing her left arm until Betty fitted her with a human awareness module and a humour module. Lettie was happier now.

And Lettie had discovered something wonderful, video clips of Betty dancing, just wonderful. Lettie couldn't dance, but she could try, she wanted to learn. At the end of each day she watched the videos and tried to dance.

It was the end of the day and something in her head told her to visit Mrs Pearson and Mrs Tinge – not such a bad idea. But she wanted to dance.

She entered the living room and there was Lettie dancing.

Mrs Pearson and Mrs Tinge were taking a swim in the moonlight. “Let's go in for a drink.” They climbed out of the pool and dried themselves and walked inside.

Lettie and Betty were dancing together in the moonlight.