Each had a neat hole in the shape of a small fist.

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Copyright © 2015, Michael M Wayman

He was one of the SHARPS, he was one of the best, so why was he stuck in this quiet little town of Bigtown?

The new justice minister had founded the SHARPS, an independent team of investigators who moved around the country from police force to police force to ruthlessly root out corruption in the police and local government.

He knew why he was stuck in Bigtown, he had been very successful, but he had cut too many corners and his last success was not so successful. He thought that he was right to arrest the entire police force, the mayor and all the councillors in that town. However no one else did.

So he had been sent here, to quiet little Bigtown. And was it quiet. He did not understand, everybody was happy, no arrests, no crime, too good to be true. But there must be something.

Today was a very quiet day, Easter Monday. A good day to search through the cold-cases files. There's always something there, a real mixture of bad, worse and the worst.

Big surprise, most of the cases were similar, murders on the open street and in public buildings, the victims were lawyers, politicians, policemen, a mayor and the main suspect was always the same. The cases were properly investigated, if what was in the files was correct. However the main suspect was never interviewed and the reasons for closing the cases were always the same. Very odd.

The main suspect had no form, that is no criminal record. The internet said that Betty was a popular girl's name and the short form for Elizabeth. It was also the name of a very famous carnival dancer in Bigtown, who was very small and never spoke.

There were also pictures of Betty, he had seen them before, where? In the cold-case files. There were also pictures of the corpses, each had a neat hole in the shape of a small fist in the chest or forehead.

All very odd – he would have to have a good think.

He asked around, about Betty, about the murders, about who pulled the strings in Bigtown, who was in control. A certain Mrs Pearson, that is. A very rich and powerful woman. And of course, Betty and Mrs Pearson were great friends. More thinking.

Got it! Mrs Pearson employs a hit man to remove her enemies, he uses a stun gun for killing animals with a bolt shaped like a little fist. He uses the name Betty to confuse everybody, the local police are pretty dumb, and Betty never gives an interview because she never speaks. Time to visit Mrs Pearson. But not as a police man, but as a journalist new to the area.

“No, she doesn't.” It was an odd answer from Mrs Pearson.

“She used to kill people, but that was ten years ago. Anyone who was nasty and evil got their hearts punched out. That is why Bigtown is so peaceful and so happy now.”

And I'm supposed to believe that, he thought to himself.

“No, she hasn't killed anybody for a long time. But this is your chance to meet her, she has just arrived with Mrs Tinge, my wife, I can hear them in the hall.”

Betty entered the room, she stared at him, she had known about him for hours and knew that she would have to face him.

“Oh dear.” said Mrs Pearson, “This does not look good.”

He laughed, he knew that he was safe and anyway Betty was just a little girl.

Betty strode up to him and very quickly removed the hand gun that was hidden under his jacket and stepped back.

“What you doing with that? Give it back!”

Betty smiled and slowly bent the barrel of the gun backwards. She handed the now useless gun back to him and left the room.

“Listen to me! I don't know what you are or who you are. You lied to me, you are not a journalist. But I now know what kind of person you are. Betty has just given you a warning to leave the country and leave it today.”

“If you are still here in Bigtown tomorrow, Betty will find you, you cannot hide. And you will receive a small hole in your chest.”