cheer up

The colours of the Thisstown Football Club.

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Copyright © 2015, Michael M Wayman

Where she got the material I don't know, bright red and vivid blue – the colours of the Thisstown Football Club, Paul's club.

When Paul watched TV in the evenings, she sat on his lap. She didn't watch, but thought about dancing or Paul. Why was he unhappy? He said nothing, but in his mind he was.

She had a good search in his thinking engine – it needed days of thought to understand what she had found. There were the good things that made him happy: herself, his football team and his job.

There were also the worrying things: would she leave him for the carnival world, exams to pass, his apprenticeship ending soon, looking for a new job perhaps. She could understand his worries, though what were exams? But could she help? Perhaps with the good things.

She remembered the football games with Paul sitting on his shoulders. That made him happy. She remembered the cheerleaders – they danced and made everybody happy. What Paul needed was his own personal cheerleader.