do it right

She was severely perverted.

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The big bunch of flowers were nice, but who sent them. Mrs Pearson read out the label “from an admirer”. Mrs Tinge liked them, but Betty scowled.

There was a new member at the Wasted Children meeting, Mrs Creef wanted to do her bit for homeless kids. Mrs Pearson was a busy woman, she was on the committees for this and that and the other. She met Mrs Creef everywhere. Mrs Creef had good words to say about Mrs Pearson always, especially about her appearance.

Mrs Creef was also at the choir rehearsals at the carnival club, Mrs Pearson was surprised. “Mrs Pearson, you're looking good this evening, very sexy. Can I ask you? Where is the famous Betty?”

“In the great hall over there, doing dancing.”

NO and NO again, Betty did not like Mrs Creef, she let Mrs Pearson see it. Mrs Pearson did not know what to think, Mrs Creef was friendly and possibly wanted to get very close, but Betty did not like her.

Mrs Tinge undressed Mrs Pearson and tied her up on the sofa. Mrs Tinge liked doing this, she was severely perverted, she kissed Mrs Pearson.

The door opened and Mrs Creef entered the room “Oh, can I join in?”

The door opened and Betty entered the room. There were three naked women, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Tinge were tied up on the sofa and Mrs Creef was kneeling and doing something to Mrs Pearson, but very roughly.

Betty could see that Mrs Pearson was unhappy, she thought to herself, this Mrs Creef was not only nasty but incompetent. What to do?

Betty picked up Mrs Creef, tied her up, stuffed some underwear in her mouth and threw her into an armchair. She did to Mrs Pearson what Mrs Creef had done, but properly. It was Betty's priority to make other people happy.

It took 15 minutes to bring Mrs Pearson to the boil, Betty pulled the knickers out of Mrs Pearson's mouth and kissed her. Betty started work on Mrs Tinge. As I said, it was Betty's priority to make other people happy.

It took 15 minutes to bring Mrs Tinge to the boil, Betty started work on Mrs Creef. As I said, it was Betty's priority to make other people happy.

Mrs Pearson pulled the knickers out of Mrs Tinge's mouth with her teeth and kissed her “Darling Mrs Tinge, are you feeling better now?”

“Darling Mrs Pearson, oh yes!”

“But what are we going to do with Mrs Creef?”

“We'll take her to the recycling centre tomorrow morning.”

“Good idea!”