what the policewoman saw

She had put shiny bracelets on the young man.

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There had been reports of a young man with a little girl – a suspected paedophile. And there was a young man with a little girl. He picked her up and gave her a long and hard kiss; no, not like a father and daughter or brother and little sister.

The policewoman decided to question the young man. Very suspicious, he did not know the name of the little girl and the little girl did not speak, probably frightened. Better take them in for more questioning, perhaps the little girl is a missing person.

The little girl who was not a little girl thought that the young woman was playing a game, she was wearing funny clothes and she had put shiny bracelets on the young man and she looked soft and cuddly, let's all join in.

The little girl who wasn't grabbed the young woman's hat and put it backwards on the young man's head. She picked up the young woman and carried her home.

The policewoman was scared, too frightened to speak – the little girl was no little girl and had a grip like steel.

The little girl who wasn't buried her head in the young woman's stomach – lovely, nice and soft – mmmmmmm. But she saw that the young man did not like his bracelets, she tried to pull them off, she bent them this way and then that way and...and snap and snap.

The policewoman grabbed her hat and the broken handcuffs and ran.

The little girl who wasn't smiled and picked up the young man.