the plural of his

He had seen the face of death and wanted to escape.

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He, Councillor Roberts, was walking quickly to the stairs. He had seen the face of death in the meeting and he wanted to escape. He turned to look behind him and saw the face of death.

She, Betty, wanted two things, the bathroom and a drink. She had been dancing all day and needed a break. She knew that she would probably have to kill Councillor Roberts; but he was not high on her to-do-list – next month was carnival and that meant much dancing every day.

He, Chris, was waiting in the Great Hall in the Town Hall, the meeting was over, but he had to make sure his three Belgian visitors got onto the bus for the airport. He had seen the wonder girl leave the hall; but he had an address, number five South Street.

She, Henni, was looking at the wall of death, there was a new picture, held up by a magnet on the side of the fridge. It was Councillor Roberts, Betty had cut it out of the local newspaper.

He ran to the stairs, tripped and fell down the stairwell. EOC. End of councillor.

She saw the councillor die, decided to go to the Brown Jug and disappeared first into a room marked GENTS.

He had had a busy day with the business group from Belgian, they had had to see everything in Bigtown, factories, offices, transport and the dancing. The last event was a performance of the carnival dance group led by the wonder girl. It had helped that he had learnt Belgian at school. Now they were all on the bus home and he had time to find the little wonder girl.

She knew that she would have to take Betty to Councillor Roberts and threaten him – leave the country within four weeks or face death – Councillor Shale too.

How did Councillor Roberts die? It was an accident.

How did Betty find the toilets when she can't read, you ask? She followed the other girls or her nose. That there were separate toilets for men and women she didn't know or care.

Didn't Chris know about Betty? No, he was new in Bigtown, he started his first job on Monday, saw Betty dancing at the Sports Club on Tuesday night and again on Thursday in the Town Hall – a wonderful feeling rose up from his guts every time he saw her – he had to meet her. Yes, he had heard all the stories about Betty; but he did not believe them.

Why did Betty want to kill the councillors? Because they were nasty and evil.

It was pointless to go home, there was no alcohol left and why? Betty had drunk it all and Henni didn't buy any more because Betty drank it all. She had a gut feeling that some boy or girl in the audience wanted her, someone good to play with, but that would have to wait, she needed a drink.

The Brown Jug was a good place for a drink, a bit rough, but the beer was good and on Fridays there were strippers, Fridays were always full. It was however Thursday; but one of the gangmasters was celebrating a round birthday and, very importantly, there was a stripper. Betty drank her fill.

“Where is she? Where's she gone?”

“You mean Betty, don't you? I don't know. She's probably gone to the Brown Jug. She'll be back later. Come in!” The woman looked like the wonder girl; but she was full-sized. “I'm Betty's younger sister, Henni. When I say come in, I don't mean ‘Please would you like to come in’ I mean ‘Come in!’”

Chris knew about the Brown Jug, it was a rough pub, not a place he would go to. But why did a nice young girl go there? “Oh, she likes it there, everybody buys her drinks, she likes the strippers.” He winced. “You must have heard lots of stories about Betty, dancing, violence, killing people – they're all true. When she was a kid the mayor tried to remove her knickers and she killed him. But don't worry you're passed the first test.”

“Passed the first test?”

“Yes, I like you. Betty and I always share boyfriends, girlfriends not so much. Anyway, you'll do for Betty, I'm sure of that. Would you like a cup of coffee?”

About three hours later the front door opened with a crash, the clothes stand went flying, the bookcase that Henni had made with bricks and planks was reduced to rubble and with a big WHUMP Betty landed on the floor. She could see light from under a door, she crawled into the room and looked sheepishly at Henni and Chris.

“Wonderful entrance you've just made, Betty, you look like what the cat just brought in.”

Betty looked like she'd been rolling in the trash and her clothes were torn, had she been in a fight? But to Chris she looked wonderful and Chris looked wonderful to her.

“Pick her up – don't worry, she won't hurt you, she likes you. Carry her to the bathroom, put all her clothes in the bath tub and wash her under the shower, wash her hair too. I'll clear up the hall.” Henni knew what to do.

To you it sounds odd, to undress someone of the opposite sex that you have just met and wash 'em. Chris could not understand, but he did what he was told. Betty liked being washed by other people, better than washing yourself. Henni washed Betty and Betty washed Henni, they had always done that, Betty liked it, Henni liked it, it was normal.

Chris removed Betty's torn tutu and her bra and knickers, her bra was something special, small enough for Betty, yet big enough to hold her mammary mountains – specially made. He soaped her all over with one hand and kept her upright with the other, it was not easy; he had to wash her hair three times and her breasts five.

He sat on the edge of the bath tub, put her on his lap and dried her with a towel. Henni came into the bathroom with plasters for Betty's cuts and a white towelling bath robe “It was her Xmas present from me.”

Henni made mugs of cocoa and sat next to Chris on the little sofa. “Hold her tight or she will fall over.” Chris liked this. Henni took a big gulp of cocoa and kissed Betty, Chris got the idea, he liked it too.

“Take your clothes off and lie on the bed.” Henni put Betty on him and snuggled up to the two of them. Betty rubbed her nose all over his face. “Tomorrow's another day, it's a public holiday.”

He woke in the middle of the night, Betty was asleep on him with her face in his neck, his left hand was clamped by a small hand and his right by a bigger hand. The message was clear – you're not going anywhere.

In the morning Henni and Chris made love with Betty sandwiched between them. Betty was still feeling fragile.

“Hello, I'm Jim Simes from WesPro, your favourite TV station.” Jim was sitting next to a pretty young woman with a little girl on her lap. “And next to me is Betty. I want to ask her about Councillor Roberts who died yesterday. Witnesses say that Betty was the last person to see him alive. The question I want to ask Betty is: Did you throw Councillor Roberts down the stairwell?”

“No, I don't think so...”

“Whadaya mean, don't think so? Either you did or you didn't.”

Henni laughed. “You're new in town. Betty is sitting on my lap. Betty doesn't throw anyone down stairwells, not her style. Betty kills people with a single blow to the head or chest. Betty does not speak, but you can ask her a question, she can read your mind. Look Betty straight in the face, ask a very simple yes/no question like ‘Did you kill Councillor Roberts?’ and be patient. Just try it!”

“Betty, did you kill Councillor Roberts?”

Betty could see several things in Jim's mind, Councillor Roberts was easy, killing too, a few seconds later that Jim was asking a question, but the other thing no, just no idea. People often had this funny thing Betty in their minds and she had no idea what they were on about. She decided to ignore it and concentrate on the question.

Betty shook her head.

Henni knew what to do. “We're going for a walk, up to High Cliff. There's a lovely view and the fresh air will be good for us. And if you have to carry Betty you'll like it. And when we get back we can shout at Michael, this story is not his best, I want him to do better.”

“Michael? Who's he?”

“You really don't know? You'll like him, Betty does.”

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