Betty and the Mind Police

She was the only woman that Betty killed.

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Copyright © 2014, Michael M Wayman

Betty could feel it from time to time, something or someone was trying to enter her mind and it was evil, very evil. But it was small and weak, maybe it was far away. Betty tried to ignore it, though she knew that it was dangerous.

The woman could not understand, there was a mind somewhere that could resist, that could stop her mind probe. This was dangerous; this mind must be found and terminated. The woman activated her network of mind workers; but they could not destroy the dangerous mind, the enemy mind; however they did locate the enemy in a small town on the other side of the planet.

I must do this myself. As she flew to the other side of the planet her mind probed deeper into the enemy, but all she could find was a single thought, only one thought at a time, very simple or garbled: “I wanna beer” “take the heart” “wanna fridge” “dance the night away!”

I must do this myself thought Betty, no one can help me, as the interference in her head grew. Her defence was the single thought that blocked the mind probe: “I want the skies to open and rain.”

The woman expected a large man with little brain who liked drinking beer. She stopped in the street and looked to the other side. She had a gun in her right hand hidden in her pocket. Her mind was locked on to a single thought in the enemy mind: “I want to piss on you.”

Betty stopped in the street and looked to the other side. Her mind was locked on to a single thought: “I want the skies to open and rain down on you.”

The woman looked at Betty, big surprise, a little girl.
High noon.

Betty looked at the woman, real dangerous, not easy to kill.
High noon.

Betty sprang up to punch the woman's brains out. She pulled back her right fist at the last moment, grabbed the woman's right shoulder with her left hand and crushed it. Betty fell to the ground and rolled away quickly to avoid the gun shots.

A crushed shoulder won't kill you, but it is very painful, the woman was in agony, she stopped thinking. The woman had many enemies who within seconds filled her mind with hate and fried her brains. And that was the end of Julie Driscola, the Chief of the Mind Police.